YVAT (boltfish/U-cover – live- RO)

After 10 years of electronic music, and more than 25 released albums yvat might be considered one of the most vivid and productive exponents of the IDM scene, in Eastern Europe. His music is mature and highly developed, yet retains a fresh and experimental edge, constantly shifting in terms of its themes and expression. The sound is always strong and clear, with an analogue profoundness, and composition has an aggressive touch in the framework of a melodic geometry. Music is built on a combination of complex glitchy beat programming, darkly atmospheric textures and subtle melodic elements.

His first album has been plaid by Jonh Peel during his radiophonic show and, as it happened with most of the artists ever presented there, a rapid ascension followed. In the past years, yvat’s music has been produced by well known experimental labels from U.K., as Boltfish Recordings or Cactus Island.
A professional sound designer for more than 10 years, Yvat works within the sampling industry beeng one of the sound producers for Ueberschall.

Currently live performances promote the latest two albums, Extant and Astroid, both released by the Belgian label U-Cover. The atmospheric soundscapes, fractured melodic lines and glitchy beats bring IDM structures to a next level. The audience is transported into a space journey, then crushed into aggressive beats and noises.