Trapped Light

trapped-light-4Exposition MAPP’ing / du 8 au 16 Nov / Palais Abdellia

Trapped Light – Installation Audiovisuelle

Fabio Perletta & Giustino Di Gregorio (IT)

Trapped Light is a sound and light installation conceived by Giustino Di Gregorio with the sound intervention by Fabio Perletta. Taking its inspiration from a memory of a child who tried to catch a beam of light, it explores the notion of memory and purity. Through the use of fragile micro-sounds and monochromatic light, Trapped Light alters the space-time creating an intimate experience for the audience.

Giustino Di Gregorio

Giustino Di Gregorio is a musician and installation artist living and working in Teramo, Italy. His works can be experienced as architectural interventions, audiovisual installations and multimedia sculptures through the use of different mediums such as light, video and sound.

He was a pioneer of Italian cut & paste scene since ’90, releasing his debut album “Sprut” on noise-genius John Zorn’s Tzadik in 1999. During ’00 he run “The Incredulous Eyes Project” (self released, 2009) and “Iver and the Driver” (Ghost Records, 2006), drawing the attention of Radio RAI Tre’s Farenheit451 and il Terzo Anello broadcast channels.

In 2010 he started working at the audiovisual project “Frames in 8mm”, showing his interest in photos and videos taken from old and new super8 footages. At the same time he was involved with “Amelie Tritesse” rock band, a specific project narrating stories of Italian provinces (NDA press 2011).

In 2011 started the project “MATT-TA” with Claudio Pilotti, and exhibited two audiovisual installations dedicated to memory: “Memorie 4.0” (Internos and CTRL+S festivals) and its natural evolution “Memorie 4.1” (Wunder Festival) in collaboration with dancer Sara Marchetti.

In 2012 he presented the multimedial installation “Menhir” at Palazzo Re (Giulianova) in collaboration with Manuela Cappucci, Fabio Perletta, Claudio Pilotti and Gabriele Esposito. He also started an ongoing collaboration with Fabio Perletta exhibiting his installation Trapped Light at Zooart Festival (Giardini Fresia, Cuneo).

Between 2012 and 2013 he launched “Oblivion” with Manuela Cappucci, a collaborative work including several artists such as Claudio Pilotti, Pierluigi Filipponi and Luca D’Alberto. The project shows three different yet       related audiovisual installations investigating the integration between light and matter. Oblivion has been exhibited in Teramo in a private house (Casa Ruggieri) and at Alviani Artspace (Ex Aurum) in Pescara.

He currently runs the audiovisual installation and videoart group “minus.log”, started in 2013 with Manuela Cappucci. They created several works including the video Sleeping Beauty, the installation Door (XXXFuorifestival, Pesaro, 2014 and Ar(t)cevia, Ancona, 2014) and 3 studi su Eco (Spazio Matta, Pescara, 2014) collaborating with Anouscka Brodacz’s contemporary dance company.

Fabio Perletta

Fabio Perletta (b. 1984) is a sound & multimedia artist living and working in Roseto degli Abruzzi, Italy. His works include electronic music, sound & light installations, live performances and graphic design. By using computer, digital sound generators and custom softwares, Perletta’s sound research explores the intersection between different yet complementary areas such as physics, psychology and human perception.

His works have been exhibited internationally at media art festivals, art galleries and venues including SoundFjord (London, UK), Café OTO (London, UK), O’ (Milan, IT), Flussi Festival (Avellino, IT), Liminaria/Interferenze (San Marco dei Cavoti, IT), Area Gallery (Paris, FR), Acusmatiq Festival (Mole Vanvitelliana, Ancona, IT), Krake Festival (Berghain Kantine, Berlin, DE), Paradoxes (Ravenna’s Planetarium, IT), Dromoscope Sessions (Wendel Café, Berlin, DE), Zooart Festival (Cuneo, IT), Auditorium Parco della Musica (Rome, IT), In Visibile Festival (Colli Del Tronto, IT), Raum (Bologna, IT), Sinister Noise (Rome, IT), Nutrimenti Festival (Terni, IT), Spazio Cerere (Rome, IT).

Over the years he has collaborated as curator/musician and shared the stage through live performances and group exhibitions with international artists such as Vladislav Delay (FI), Richard Chartier (US), Yann Novak (US), AGF/Antye Greie (DE), France Jobin (CA), Giuseppe Ielasi (IT), Dadub (DE), Emiliano Romanelli (IT), TU M’ (IT), Lawrence English (AU), Ennio Mazzon (IT), Franz Rosati (IT), Giustino Di Gregorio (IT), Fabio Orsi (IT), Plaster (IT), Lasal (ES), Simon Whetham (UK), MDF/Grün (IT), Davide Luciani (IT), Ubik (IT), AIPS (IT) and others. His solo and collaborative recordings have been published by Farmacia901 (IT), Nephogram (IT), Ripples (IT), Oak Editions (IT), Murmur Records (JP), Taâlem (FR) and Stroboscopic Artefacts (DE).

He runs the Farmacia901 Label, which is a media-network founded around principles of beauty as minimalism, music as design and sound as malleable material, fusing elements ranging from experimental electronics to sound art and microsounds. The label focuses on releasing sound works via limited edition CDs, art-objects and digital works that combine a deeply emotional aim with a clear conceptual framework and aesthetic vision.

In 2014 he co-launched Mote, a mixed media design studio based in Berlin creating contemporary design solutions for culture and commerce. Working with visual arts, sound, photography and video, the studio offers a wide range of services in the areas of graphic design, sound production and installation.