Sébastien Roux, Vincent Epplay … vidéo


Sébastien Roux & Vincent Epplay – concatenative mu

Sébastien Roux & Vincent Epplay « Concatenative Mu » Digipack – BROCOLI 005

Following Klavier intégral (2006, commissioned by INA/GRM), Sébastien Roux (12k, Optical Sound, ROOM40, …) andVincent Epplay (artist/musician, he has released albums on Tiramizu, Stembogen, and exhibited his art installations at Palais de Tokyo and Beaubourg in Paris) are back and have come up with punk musique concrète!

Plunderphonics of John Oswald, Negativland or The Tape Beatles, and German experimental music from the 80s/90s (HNAS,Rowenta/Khan, P16D4) have without a doubt influenced Concatenative Mu, but Roux & Epplay bring them further on, adding some virtuosity that makes it exhilarating.

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