Notic Nastic .. annonce

Artist: Notic Nastic
Titel: It’s Dark But It’s Ok
Label: Shitkatapult
Distributor: MDM&Friends ,
Cat. No.: CD / Digital – Strike 110
Street Date: 2010-03-19

Shitkatapult´s first album release in 2010 is the exciting debut by New York and Berlin group Notic Nastic.
„It´s dark but it´s ok“ tells a story about a girl as she grows up and changes a lot. Not a real coming of age thing but more a collage of life. The soul of the story is that no one is just one character, We will each be 1000 different things to 1000 different people in the world…ID is slippery.

The album features a great deal of electronic music, kicking, forward, disturbing, as well as easy, pop music based on fat beats. Right off the bat the first three songs, „let go“, „stupid happy“ and „secret life“, grow an intense mixture of music elements that remind you of some cocktail with Missy Elliott, T.Raumschmiere and this typcial Shitkatpult out-of-nowhere style. A perfect picture of a human life that assembles the results of the never ending morphs we all go through.

The album also fantasizes about the quiet, inner version of yourself that no other person will ever completely see or understand: „the secret life“. Each person takes on so many different characters and faces throughout their life and somewhere underneath there is that slippery secret ‚you‘ who no one else can ever quite see. It´s one of those rare things that we all have in common.

Notic Nastic draws this riddle in musically perfect praxis; 13 songs by blend fast breaks, many parts, catchy refrains and disturbing, but always grooving, breaks and bridges. Notic Nastic makes pumping, popped out, strangely addictive electronic bonbons where twisted vocals meet freaky beats. Beside their fantastic debut album Notic Nastic has already drawn great feedback on their live performances. They wear glowing masks and put out big beats. Their show has a great energetic output with power, acid and life.

The singer/producer says: I wear a mask to let you know i am like you. Always changing, always new. – „it‘s dark … but it‘s ok!“
No matter how weird or dark things get, the world keeps turnin’ and there is fun to be had – so shut up, chill out and shake that ass.-everybody let go!

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