David Velez

David Velez is a sound artist with an interest on the phenomenological and environmental conditions of the sensible experience who explores the poetical and political aspects of this experience through a process that combines creation and research.

His work examines different aspects of the sound art spectrum: from strictly documental phonographic works like his release ‘El pájaro que esucha’ from 2012, to acousmatic based multi channel sound installations like “The place where traveling occurs’ from 2011. From musique concrete compositions like ‘Sonido decompuesto’ to sculpture-object oriented projects like ‘Derive and catastrophe’ presented as part of his Thesis project on the ongoing Masters on Fine Arts at the Universidad Nacional in Bogotá.

Experimentos con un subwoofer, objetos disponibles, frascos de vidrio y el sonido del mar
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Sueños en plasma
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30​/​10​/​2010 VK
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