Black Lung

Black Lung – The First Tender Cut (Ad Noiseam (Germany))

Stepping out of Australia’s outback with a vengeance, Black Lung adds a bloody new chapter to his towering discography. A composer whose talent is rivalled only by his uncommon production techniques, David Thrussell applies a whole new recipe to his beats, noises and glitches on “The First Tender Cut” (and the accompanying “Soul Consumer” CD”). Darkly playful, twistedly uplifting, noisily organic, this album is a ride as wild as the sessions that saw its inception.

Black Lung, the toxic, towering and almost two decades old project of David Thrussell (also known for his material as Snog and Soma, as well as his soundtracks for films and theatre play), has never been as perilous as on “The Soul Consumer”. Following some very talked about the commissioned work on his previous album, David Thrussell, who is never one to repeat a formula, took tremendous measures to record and create this new album. “Organic”, you say? You might not know how right you are.

David Thrussell has always been a particular figure in the electronic music scene: mixing the acid wave with pounding hard techno in the 90’s, exposing his delicate sound installations at the turn of the millennium, before voicing his sharp social critique as Snog. Long time fans should therefore not be surprised that Black Lung’s first album for Ad Noiseam is again something very different and unruly.

Fleshy, butchered, dripping, festive and sombre at times: Black Lung intends at consuming your soul as it might have consumer your body. Might it be with the faux joyfulness of “The First Tender Cut” and “Sapphic Trysts And Burnt Lips” on the A side or the heavy remixes of the B side (Matta twisting their tracks into a dubstep monster, and frequent Black Lung-collaborator Sir Real giving his a certain detroit feel), this record reflects well the deranged mindset in which David Thrussell found himself while recording this album. The melodies cut through the skin, the beats twist the muscles, the basses cut through the pith and the samples bite the arteries, and this all throughout the record.

Ad Noiseam is proud to present this particular work by Black Lung, in which this act’s positions as an outsider and an essential figure of experimental electronics is confirmed and embodied.

From Black Lung himself:
David Thrussell first tasted human flesh five years ago, late one night in Kiev, the Ukraine. Since that time Thrussell has been preoccupied by two obsessions – to taste that sweet human flesh again one day and, to make a record while subsisting entirely on a diet of human flesh.

This is that record.

Recorded over a three week period in a safe-house deep in the south of France (a charming villa, in fact, just a few miles from the Andorran border) Thrussell and his minders secured the human flesh (much of it given willingly) via relationships established on a coded internet forum devoted entirely to that topic (the address of which cannot be provided here for obvious reasons). The flesh donors were often present during recording sessions and made significant contributions to mood and oft times the song writing process itself.

Thrussell says he has now resumed his conventional vegan eating habits and that this recording project was a one-off (for the time being) attempt to alter his consciousness and creative outlook and record the results for posterity and your listening pleasure.

A1. The First Tender Cut
A2. Sapphic Trysts And Burnt Lips
B1. Succulent Bruises & Bruised Roses (remix by Matta)
B2. The Soul Consumer (remix by Sir Real)

Mastered by John Sellekaers at Metarc.

The instrumental and solo pendant to Snog, Black Lung is one of the main two projects of the Australian multiinstrumentalist David Thrussell. Having released almost yearly since the middle of the 90’s, this ever changing act has touched all aspects of electronic music, from its dark techno and acid beginnings on Nova Zembla to the heavy basses and noises of its recent years on Ant Zen. Having influenced countless electronic and industrial acts, Black Lung has also worked closely with other people, such as Ipecac’s End, label matee Hecq or the other Australianfreak showw that is Monster Zoku Onsomb.

David Thrussel has gathered a lot of attention with his previous “Full Spectrum Dominance”, an extremely highprofile commissioned work. No need to say that the same is to be expected with “The Soul Consumer” and “The First Tender Cut”