A Million Thoughts

A Million Thoughts EP
Stefan Kranz | LowendCommunity
Remix by MODEL 1975 | Quantum Soul
Stefan Kranz was born in a small town near Saarbrücken in the very West of Germany. In his „normal“ life he‘s a web/ graphic designer. But music has been his passion since he was a young guy: Stefan Kranz listens to many different
styles and has been collecting music for ages. He first started DJing for friends at some private parties.
Since the late 90‘s Stefan Kranz has been doing many club-events or big parties as a regular, local DJ with some well known musicians (e.g. Beanfield, Fauna Flash, Richard Dorfmeister, Daniel Haaksman, Sascha Dive or Phonique and many more…). He was also working as a resident-DJ in a bar in Saarbrücken for many years. At that time he played mainly Jazz, Nujazz, Dub or Downbeat- Style, but also House-Music. Later, he found his identity in Deep- and Techhouse-Sounds.
His „A Million Thoughts EP“ will be out on 31 January 2011.