Kim Cascone … écoute

Une courte pièce (30 minutes) de Kim Cascone composée de field recordings à laquelle se greffe la lecture d’une nouvelle Texturalisme de première.  Entre l’aspect statique et la spacialisation des propos retenus par la Nasa, l’effervescence des particules, de la nature est palpable, dans le mutiplicité de sonorités, de lieux et des ambiances qui sans cesse trouent les frontières des identifications faciles et des interprétations  » stables ». Ouverture de nouveaux champs, préparent ici un univers en apesanteur.

KIM CASCONE / Anti-Musical Celestial Forces (Störung )

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Kim Cascone (December 21, 1955, in Albion, Michigan) is an American composer of electronic music who is best known for his releases in the ambient genre on his own record company, Silent Records. Cascone studied electronic music at Berklee College of MusicBostonMassachusetts, and he started his career as assistant musical supervisor of director David Lynch on Twin Peaks and Wild At Heart. In the mid-80s he left the film industry to pursue a solo career in San Francisco, California. He founded Silent Records in 1986 and went on to release several albums under the moniker PGR (short for Poison Gas Research). He has used various aliases over the years but became best known under the moniker Heavenly Music Corporation, a name taken from a track on the record No Pussyfooting by Brian Eno and Robert Fripp. Cascone released four full albums under this name from 1993 to 1996. His third Heavenly Music Corporation album, Lunar Phase (1995), was featured on St.GIGA radio, the Japanese ambient radio station whose name became the title of the longest song on this album.

In 1996 Cascone sold the Silent label to work as a sound designer/composer for Thomas Dolby‘s company Headspace. He returned to making music in 1998 and has since been releasing records using his own name, mostly on his label, anechoic (named after his last Heavenly Music Corporation release), which he established in 1996.

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