2LP/CD raster-noton R-N 121
Release date: October 4

being friends and admirers of each other’s work for a long time, electronic music composer/visual artist alva noto (carsten nicolai) and composer/voice-artist blixa bargeld (also known as singer of einstürzende neubauten and guitarist of nick cave and the bad seeds) decided to join forces to initiate a collaborative project in 2007.

together they developed a musical concept based on the combination of improvisation and abstraction. the impulsive live performance of blixa bargeld and the elaborated beat structures and sound landscapes of alva noto merge to a surprising and unexpected result. working on their own experimental material that gains its strength from the spontaneity of the live-performance of bargeld’s voice as well as rethinking traditional songs in their own special manner, they deliver an outstanding and inspiring musical blend for their audience.

« crystalline noise formations. phrases, words, syllables of pure sound isolated until normal sense disappears, leaving new, unexpected abstractions to emerge. […] the most suggestive and nuanced version of ‘i wish i was a mole in the ground’ since bob dylan. » – sam davies (the wire 12/09, uk)

the collaboration first staged in september 2007 when they united for a special appearance in san francisco to perform at recombinant media labs studios. since then they have recorded several tracks, five of which have been released on the preliminary EP « ret marut handshake » on raster-noton (r-n 120) in june 2010. the full length album (on CD and 2LP) called mimikry is released on raster- noton (r-n 121) in october 2010. for its ten tracks the album will readopt two original tracks and two alternative versions from the EP while additionally introducing six completely new songs. as a very special feature « katze » and « mimikry » will feature vocals/words by the model veruschka (known from the movie blow up by m. antonioni). the album will be released with a special 16-page booklet that presents original text/drawings of blixa bargeld that developed during the recordings.

the album release will be accompanied by a live tour at various festivals and concert halls around europe in august/september 2010.